The following are a few examples of my work.


The Butterfly

The Butterfly (a Villanelle)

Why did it not fly away, upon wings
Of extravagant finery? From the drain
and the large spider’s web, with iron-like rings.

Dandelion seeds whimper, their world
Ending too soon; umbrella’d corpses wane.
Why did it not fly away, upon wings

Of extracted fineness from robes of kings?
Foolish butterfly hovering then caught,
In the large spider’s web, with iron-like rings.

Flowers bloom, sun shines, scents rise; Skilled huntress
Slowly wanders across to prey distraught,
A fragile canvas to devour. Upon wings

The seagull high to the buoyant breeze clings;
Folding eyes shut below, blind evermore.
There is no escape from ironed tight rings,

Hanging strong between my window and wall,
Soon from memory gone, next heavy rain.
Why did it not fly away, upon wings
From the large spider’s web, with iron-like rings?

© Edward Beaman-Hodgkiss


Sweet song, susurrous, whispering skywards
From gently swaying flowers in Spring bloom,
Threading zephyr’d air with transcendent words
Of hungered dreams, inclination filled perfume.
Time, sweeps shadows, across the garden lawn
As each coloured head follows the sun’s rays,
Revering the touch that remains still withdrawn
From petals that seek the sky to ablaze.
They watch birds soar and dance amongst the clouds.
Stems tighten taut from provocation felt;
Alas aspirations wilt under shrouds,
In the form of green stalks perfectly svelte.
Withering passions furl before the dark
Rooted by nature impassively stark.

© Edward Beaman-Hodgkiss

Remember the Moon

A feather falls unseen without the breeze;
Years float away but still my missing you thrives,
Wondering where your hazel eyes now do gaze.
It’s quite a feeling not knowing if you’re alive
Or sleeping in the ground – your tears lost to my touch:
Your culture shreds love like mice in an eagle’s clutch.

Fragments of dreams flutter in the cold night winds,
Seeking succour, searching for gold,
Upon vast oceans of forced severance.
As the dawns spread over nearby hills and wolds,
I see you walking outside the window;
Birds flitter insanely to and fro.

Scourged desolation ravaged bonded hearts.
Tablets never were the answer my dear,
As they struggled to save your life
I pledged to never your hands draw near,
If it helped you to forget me soon;
They left us only the sight of the moon.

© Edward Beaman-Hodgkiss

Cafe Erotica – Two Dreamers

Consensual looks; their eyes coupled in the café light,
The air piquant with seduction from hearts untamed,
Smoke gushes between eager lips
Intent on stealing souls.

Breathless, hope bears its wings of seamless reverie
As hands dance with care unrestrained;
Two dreamers rise from confines
That fed, thoughts grave;
Passion sinks claws through the flesh of verity
An anchor lost with feverish haste.

Coffee sits unseen; fickle to the drinkers
Captivated by a kiss transcendent,
Hunting, their fingers run free,
The cascading hot sparks a volcano.

He whispers words that leave her breathless;
Feeds typhoons of yearn and fervour
Through bronze gates consenting,
As arms glide over curves restless held
And rough seas tempestuous surge,
When straining lips find a neckline bare,
Her shining hair a veiled rapture;
The moon silver looks, on a sparkled cusp
Of moist lips and sense wandered.

A newspaper lowers, is halved,
The dry face of her husband comes to view,
From the twin seat opposite he yawns
As the handsome stranger leaves
From a counter stool nearby.

© Edward Beaman-Hodgkiss

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