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Contact me with as much information as possible about the desired poem and the intended recipient. Points to consider and convey in your message to me should include the following:


What is the main reason for sending the poem you want created? These might include a gift for a wedding anniversary, a birthday, a romantic poem for a girl you fancy, a get well note or for a funeral of a recently departed loved one.


Who will the poem be given to? People might include a husband/wife, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a parent or grandparent, a teacher, a secret crush, the girl or boy next door, or a friend. Include their name and as many details about them as possible. You may even want a poem just for yourself to print out and put on the kitchen or living room wall.


When do you want the poem written for? Maybe you want it completed within 24 hours or 48 hours, or alternatively a week, 2 weeks or up to a month will suffice. Please note, depending on my workload, shorter time limits might not be available. I will let you know.


How long do you want the poem to be? Poems vary in size from the tiny (3 or 4 lines) to the large (anything from 16 lines and upwards). Let me know how long you’d like the poem to ideally be and I will take this into consideration when writing the poem. If you’re unsure or don’t mind about length, then I will decide based on the individual factors.


What style of poem would you like? There are hundreds of different poetic styles. These include (to name but just a few) sonnets, odes, villanelles, sestinas, idylls, tanks and free verse. If you are not familiar with poetry types and/or are not sure what style you’d like, then I will decide based on the subject matter and occasion. Also, do you want a rhymed poem or a non-rhymed poem?


If there is anything else not mentioned above you’d like in your poem then also mention these. For example, you might want a certain phrase or quotation which is important to the intended recipient incorporated into the poem. You may also want a particular theme, such as a profession, a season, a part of the world or a historical period interwoven into the poem. Give as much information as you can about these.

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